We are one of many congregations who believe it is possible to have first century New Testament Christianity today. In order for this to be a reality, we must speak where the Bible speaks and remain silent where the Bible is silent.

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Raintree Village is Coming

Weekly Newsletter


We express our sympathy to:

Kent & Kathy Pate at the passing of her mom, Terry Pate.

Rick Myers, neighbor of Alicia Bettis, whose mom passed away.



Nita McCurdy, mother of Van McCurdy, is in the hospital with an infection and a slight case of pneumonia.

Peter Krams, cousin of Cindy Preston, has been diagnosed with bone cancer.

- Ila Venable, mother of Marsha Breaux, is not feeling well.

Renee Keller, daughter-inlaw of Gayle Keller, wife of Joey Keller, is undergoing tests for a possible cyst on her brain.

- Charity Henderson, mother of Quentin Jackson, had hip replacement surgery and is at  home recovering.

- Janet Salters, sister of Martha Ekandem, will start chemo treatments soon.

- Dianne Baus, former member, and daughter of Joel and Shirley Johnson fell and broke her ankle in three places.

- Maxie Swaze, friend of Marsha Breaux, has pneumonia and is having tests run.

Charles Lewis is at home from the hospital after having back surgery.

Doris Lewis has macular degeneration in both eyes.

- Laura Swayne, former member has been diagnosed with uterine cancer. 

- Valorye Whittaker is in very serious condition.

Annetta Harper, friend of Olivia Joseph, has begun chemo treatments.

Warren Kenney, friend of Rosie Graham, will have brain surgery.

Toy Lee McKinney, friend of Rosie Graham, has been diagnosed with cancer.

Thursday April 17 2014

Old Testament: Josh 5-7 Josh 5-7

(Daily Reading, ESV)